Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend part 2

And then it was Saturday! I started the day with a nice breakfast with the same people as the day before and then I went in to town for a coffee with Lena.
At one I picked some derby girl up and we went to Limhamn to participate in Sweden's first home bout! And it was my first bout!
We were split in two teams, Bananas and Superheroes and I was a banana! We did a really good job especially in the second half but unfortunately the Superheroes won with so little as 13 points. I'm so proud to have been bouting and to be a part of the Banana team. We had SO much fun!
Me and GoGoRillah are working on our mean banana faces!

When I came home, Lena came over and made me dinner. We drank some wine and danced, took the bus to town and drank some more wine at Tempo. And by midnight we headed to Cuba Café for some more dancing! Splendid!

Today I've just been all lazy, went for a little walk, slept on the couch and done nothing more than a little bit of laundry.

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