Monday, May 2, 2011

All about you!

Thanks for the comments on the last post! I really think that I should be better to take pics too and I will try. I do also think that blogs with pics are more fun to read.
I had a really bad day today with pms from hell and the lack of sleep from the weekend is not funny! But now I've been out for a walk with Malin for almost two hours and after meeting her thing always seems a little bit better! And I did take a pic (very bad pic as always) of my new sweater when I came home. It is a cheap find from H&M (on sale) but I like it a lot!
Psst, if you like dubstep you can listen to All Out Dubstep live from Malmoe today. Here! Now!


Anonymous said...

Kärlek!!!!! Hoppas vi hinner ses mer i veckan. Puss my löv!

Emma says style, love & rock and roll. said...

älska dubstep ! ååh. men du, snygg tröja!