Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sushi coma

So was the first whole night and day spent in Copenhagen. It has been all good so far. The moving yesterday was bad, I was so tired when we were done I could barely stand up. But of course I did, I got it really cozy in my room and then I went with Missy and some of the other derby girls to barbecue. We were home quite early but today I slept until the clock passed eleven. I just couldn't get up. After that I went for a jog and the to look at a bike. They didn't have it home so I have to come back next week.
Running sushi, I told my mum and she said -I've seen that on tv!
I went to do some shopping and then home, trying to organize things when Missy came home and asked if I wanted to join her and Kris for some running sushi. Of course I did! All you can eat sushi for 129dkk. Do I have to mention that I haven't been eating since.. Even though we were there quite early.
Kris and Missy and some of the plates..
The rest of the evening I've spent unpack, I will never be finished. Need to buy some small boxes for storage tomorrow so I can get rid of all the paper bags.

Good Night!

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