Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last day of November

Where has this autumn gone? I'm not ready for December yet, it still feels like the beginning of October to me. The time have moved so fast and soon it's 2012! *PANIC*

Anyway, I think that December and all the Christmas decorations is lovely! I put up many lights at my and Michelles place monday and this weekend I'm going to have a Christmas party. The first for this year. And that's just the start, then there is one every weekend. Yey!

That means fab dresses! And to at least one of them I'm going to wear this cutie which I found at Sisters for only 799sek! That's a bargain!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Battenburg cake

We have an agreement at work regarding me doing a cake each month. This is the cake of November. I got inspiration from Sprinkle Bakes, you find the link in the left hand menu. She's always doing the best cakes but I think this is quite good for a first try.
The flavours is soft gingerbread
cake (the brown one) and vanilla (the yellow one) then I've put them together with orange/ginger jam.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black leather

I'm in Karlskrona this weekend, celebrating my mums birthday. And of course when I'm here I do some shopping. Yeah, I always do, everywhere!

Anyway, there is this store here, selling all these types of Converse to a good price, and I wanted black ones for a long time so today I bought these. They are black leather with the slim sole, I like them very much and because of the leather I can use them all winter as well.

I also found a skirt, a blouse and a cute green dress to all the Christmas parties starting next week!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Busby D

I went on a unexpected business trip to London yesterday, and yes. Of course I found two hours to get some shopping done. I managed to buy two christimas gifts and these adorable flats from Dune. The studs are golden (what else?) so they will go with almost all my clothes. Yey!

After the shoes I stumbled in to the Ted Baker store and bought me that wallet I always wanted! I loooove it! And I will show it later!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Yeah, that's me falling..

More from the bout! A girl fell before me already at warm up so I fell really hard on my knee there.. A little bit embarrasing. My knee had the double size of a normal knee yesterday. It's a little bit better today but still bad!


We won! We won! We won!

OMG what a faboulus feeling! It was just totally awesome and I just felt like I was flying the whole night! I got to play quite a lot as well so it couldn't have been better!

I was so nervous before and during warm up. To roll out in front of a sold out venue with loads of people, friends and cameras really scared me, but it all went good.

We won with 205 against 90, so it wasn't even close!
Here is a interview w our bench manager from thursday and here is some relly good pics from the bout!

November Pain - Rollin Heartbreakers versus Hamburg Harbor Girls from bjarke ahlstrand on Vimeo.

Friday, November 18, 2011

November PAIN!!

So it's almost time! I'm going to play my first homebout for Copenhagen Rollerderby's A-team Rolling Heartbreakers!
The bout is against Hamburg Harbour Girls and it's called November Pain.
It starts at 19.00 CET tomorrow and we're totally sold out. It's gonna be awesome!
Cross your fingers for me and for my team and wish us luck!
Until you hear from me again you can read a little bit about us here.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Yeah, it's going to be Christmas again as it seems..

And you all know that I love it. Not long left now and I think I have to start thinking about the christmas gifts. Mum, dad, brother, baby cousin and maybe grand parents..
Then some small stuff for the closest friends.
Have you bought anything yet or are you out in the last minute?

And by the way!
My roomie has the funniest idea for December. She's going to wear ugly christmas sweaters every day. And it shall be 24 different ones! I'm knitting a vest for her right now that will be hideous! If you find some that you think will suit this project, please holler at us!

I promise that I will post them all as a calendar here as well!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fars Dag (Fathers day)

På söndag är det fars dag i Sverige! Jag tycker att alla ni som ska köpa något till era pappor ska köpa presenter från ActionAid. Din pappa kommer att bli jätteglad! Jag lovar!

Monday, November 7, 2011

My body is fighting me!!

Why oh why is my body not working with me at all this year? The last 12 month I've been put up with two broken arms which each one cost me 3 weeks in a cast and then 2 month of rehabilitation. I've been training but I've not come to the results I was going after because I've been sick or I've been broken in some other way. This totally bothers me!
Now I've also put on some weight due to my almost non existing training and that bothers me even more! I'm fat!
Right now I'm down with some nasty flu. I've had fever, headache, I'm coughing like crazy and my throat is hurting. I don't have the time for this! I have a new job which I want to go to and I have a bout coming up in to weeks so I need our practices!

I really need to get my body working with me from now on and specially when I get all well again. Is there anyone that have any ideas or suggestions for a better, healthier body and more energy on top of that? Please tell!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bouts, boots and beer!

Yeah, that's probably how you can conclude my weekend in Helsinki.

The bout was awesome but irritating. We kept going on the bench so after being in the lead almost the whole game we lost with just 10 small points. And I'm a bad loser for sure.

Anyway, when I got myself together we went to the afterparty at On the Rocks where all derby girls went and they played good metal music. We danced a lot and because of the superhero theme of the bout and afterparty I wore my Wonderwoman costume! I hope I will find a picture of it!

Before the bout we were just out strolling but me and Agent Anger had a little mission! We both wanted to go to the Minna Parikka shop and look at all the beautiful stuff there. Look was the word, right?
We both ended up with one pair of shoes each. I bought this lovely booths and Anger bought a pair of red pumps! We're totally bad and we like it!