Monday, November 7, 2011

My body is fighting me!!

Why oh why is my body not working with me at all this year? The last 12 month I've been put up with two broken arms which each one cost me 3 weeks in a cast and then 2 month of rehabilitation. I've been training but I've not come to the results I was going after because I've been sick or I've been broken in some other way. This totally bothers me!
Now I've also put on some weight due to my almost non existing training and that bothers me even more! I'm fat!
Right now I'm down with some nasty flu. I've had fever, headache, I'm coughing like crazy and my throat is hurting. I don't have the time for this! I have a new job which I want to go to and I have a bout coming up in to weeks so I need our practices!

I really need to get my body working with me from now on and specially when I get all well again. Is there anyone that have any ideas or suggestions for a better, healthier body and more energy on top of that? Please tell!!


Flora Amalie said...

Start making green smoothies in the morning. Kept me from being sick at all last winter while everyone else dropped like flies. Well, that and good hand hygiene! It won't keep you from breaking limbs, but it might save you from a cold.
You can google a recipe, or maybe search on my blog, i think i posted a recipe there once.
Get well soon!

Sandy De Luxe said...

Thanks! I will try that! Thank you!