Monday, November 14, 2011


Yeah, it's going to be Christmas again as it seems..

And you all know that I love it. Not long left now and I think I have to start thinking about the christmas gifts. Mum, dad, brother, baby cousin and maybe grand parents..
Then some small stuff for the closest friends.
Have you bought anything yet or are you out in the last minute?

And by the way!
My roomie has the funniest idea for December. She's going to wear ugly christmas sweaters every day. And it shall be 24 different ones! I'm knitting a vest for her right now that will be hideous! If you find some that you think will suit this project, please holler at us!

I promise that I will post them all as a calendar here as well!


Flora Amalie said...

That is a fucking brilliant idea! Tell her to come by the shop and say hi so i can see one!!

Sandy De Luxe said...

Haha, yeah, we'll try! I've knitted her a vest, but so far that's the only one she's gathered.