Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Da bike!

I bought a new bike yesterday! Wohoo! I love it already!

I spoke to my mum afterwards and we found out that I haven't been riding a new bike since I was eight. On my eighth birthday I got this red mountainbike that was really cool at the time but after that I've just been riding old grandma bikes that I got from flea markets, relatives and so on. Not that I've wanted anything else but anyway.
Until this day I've been talking about buying a new bike for a couple of years actually but I've been so insecure in what I wanted. And I still was yesterday but I thought - WTF, I just buy it!
'Cause you just can't live in Copenhagen without a bike!
My shiny black hero! It's awesome!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sushi coma

So was the first whole night and day spent in Copenhagen. It has been all good so far. The moving yesterday was bad, I was so tired when we were done I could barely stand up. But of course I did, I got it really cozy in my room and then I went with Missy and some of the other derby girls to barbecue. We were home quite early but today I slept until the clock passed eleven. I just couldn't get up. After that I went for a jog and the to look at a bike. They didn't have it home so I have to come back next week.
Running sushi, I told my mum and she said -I've seen that on tv!
I went to do some shopping and then home, trying to organize things when Missy came home and asked if I wanted to join her and Kris for some running sushi. Of course I did! All you can eat sushi for 129dkk. Do I have to mention that I haven't been eating since.. Even though we were there quite early.
Kris and Missy and some of the plates..
The rest of the evening I've spent unpack, I will never be finished. Need to buy some small boxes for storage tomorrow so I can get rid of all the paper bags.

Good Night!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hello Copenhagen!

Big moving day today! I woke up at 5 am and I can't get back to sleep. I thought this pic would be appropriate for today, it's me showing off my moving in gift I got from my uncle. Thanks Tony!
Bye Bye Malmoe! I'm gonna miss you but I'll visit you soon!

Friday, May 27, 2011

First and last and always..

(Yeah I did go back to the song titles there for a sec)

But the thing is that this is my last day in Malmoe! It feels very strange which I told you before, but I just need to write it again.
I lived in Malmoe since August 2005, so it's been a while. And it has been good! I'm not moving because I don't feel that Malmoe is good enough. I just want some more, and some change.
I have my work in Copenhagen and just the thing to have just half an hour getting to work instead of a whole hour will do me really good.
It also feels like a perfect time to move, everything is so beautiful right now and it's heading to summer and I just love it.
Of course it just don't feels fabulous. The reason for why I finally taking this step aren't nice and I know that it's going to be hard to face the fact that I don't meet Max everyday anymore.
But that's the way things are right now and I will absolutely do the best of the situation.

I think that me and Michelle (my new roomie) will get a fantastic summer!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Foreign Beggars

In the middle of all packing there need to be a little time to celebrate! Lena got a dream job today so we just need to drink some wine and celebrate that!Actually we had plans about going out anyway 'cause Foreign Beggars plays at Inkonst. We are not as wild about it as we should be, it's always like that on Wednesdays but we'll start with some wine at Tempo and then we'll see!

Update: Ok, so there was no Foreign Beggars for us. We were just too tired to move. Haha, no dancing could be done so we just sat and drank some wine. Feels kind of poor that we didn't make it but...
It was a good night though and I really feel that it probably was a good decision according to everything I have to do this week. It already Thursday tomorrow and that just feel absurd!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This is a really strange week. Only three days left in Malmoe now. I lived here for six years and now I'm moving again. It feels good and bad of course. So I'm in kind of a state that I don't recognize at all. Up and down in the same time, I can't even think about it, I don't think that I realize it before I'm there.
I've almost packed all my stuff together now. And the best part about that is that I've sorted out like three bags of clothes, two whole bags with shoes and a whole lot of stuff. That sure feels good!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yesterday was so much fun! Went out with Lena and Julie after a nice dinner. We went to Inkonst and we just danced, danced and danced. I'm a total loser when it comes to take pictures during the night. I don't have a single one, but I managed to take this before I went out.It got very late yesterday so I'm not in my best shape today. But I've been so good anyway!
I've been to Ikea to buy some stuff to my new room, done all the laundry and we've gone through almost all boxes in the cellar. And I packed almost all my clothes. Not bad if I can say so myself!

Ok, over and out! Sleep tight!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

R.I.P yellow skates

Since I bought my new skates I thought that I would pimp up my old skates and use them outside.
I tried that today and even with new wheels, bearings and bushings they're absolutely non-skateable. It just won't work. So I think now it's time to say bye bye, we had a good time together..

Friday, May 20, 2011

Blue, screwed and tattoed

I took a trip through Åhléns today and they did have this fab nail colour "last Friday night" from OPI's Katy Perry collection! I've been hunting for it since I saw it at Asos.com cause they don't ship make up to Sweden. I also bought depend's nr252 to wear as first layer. Perfect for a Friday night!

Running is sweet..

...when the weather is good and I'm off work! Or actually I've been working almost all day, but just by the phone from home. Ive just completed a run for 7 km and it was really nice.

Now it's Friday afternoon and the whole weekend just whispers summer and I'm feeling happy for the first time in a long while!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hanging around

I'm looking around for some smart storing things now when I'm going to move to a room instead of living in a big house. This is not the smartest thing but it's just oh so pretty! And I think it will be perfect to place on a door or something, I like hanging my clothes like that.
From Ilva

The soccer went well, it was funny. We did stay for a couple of beers and some talking but I'm glad we called it off early 'cause I'm getting up at 6 for the fourth time tomorrow morning. Luckily it's the last working day for the week, it's a danish holiday on friday. Yey!

Soccer time!

I'm heading in to Copenhagen in a while to play some soccer with the boys from work. Yeey! It's so much fun.. We're three holds playing each other in mini games during 90 minuites. And later on we might drink a beer..
We'll see if I have the time to post something when I get home.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I don't know if I've been all clear on this matter but next weekend I will move to Copenhagen. It will be the end of a hard period but in the same time it feels very sad to sell our house because it really means that it is the end of all our dreams that didn't come true. I can hardly write it without crying.
Anyway, I think it will be good for me to change a little. Leaving Malmoe and start over again, it's no big deal because it's so close so I don't feel that I'm leaving all my friends behind or so. I've wanted to move to Copenhagen for several years and I don't find any reason for not doing it now.

I'm going to live at Nørrebro together with another girl in a three room apartment. I think it will be nice to share in the beginning, so I won't feel so alone. And I'm going to start play Roller Derby immidiately with Rollin Heartbreakers, Copenhagen Roller Derby.

A lot of feelings are fighting in my body right now, not just the butterflies in my stomach. But I really think that it will be great!

Monday, May 16, 2011

First time!

As I mentioned below I decided to take up running. I told you that I should participate in two runs but that is not enough!
I've also signed up for Powerade Half Marathon in August.
OMG!! I've never ran more than 10km before so I don't really know how this will end.

But today I've started a training program that says from 5km to 21km in 11 weeks. I did the first run early this morning so I am started. Let's see how this effect me! I will also try to find a suitable reward for myself, any ideas?

I'll keep you updated!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend part 2

And then it was Saturday! I started the day with a nice breakfast with the same people as the day before and then I went in to town for a coffee with Lena.
At one I picked some derby girl up and we went to Limhamn to participate in Sweden's first home bout! And it was my first bout!
We were split in two teams, Bananas and Superheroes and I was a banana! We did a really good job especially in the second half but unfortunately the Superheroes won with so little as 13 points. I'm so proud to have been bouting and to be a part of the Banana team. We had SO much fun!
Me and GoGoRillah are working on our mean banana faces!

When I came home, Lena came over and made me dinner. We drank some wine and danced, took the bus to town and drank some more wine at Tempo. And by midnight we headed to Cuba Café for some more dancing! Splendid!

Today I've just been all lazy, went for a little walk, slept on the couch and done nothing more than a little bit of laundry.

Weekend part 1

No I will not rant more about my missing posts, even though that I think it's really strange that all three posts from Thursday the 12th has disappeared.
This weekend has been awesome just like last weekend!

Friday night was spent by looking a hockey, preparing my bout-fit for the banana team and after that dinner and drinks with some friends. Strange how everything can feel so normal when it aint. I mean, we have broke up but I haven't moved out yet so when we do stuff like that it feels like it always did before. It makes me sad in a way of course, I will miss him so much because he is my best friend and I love him a lot. But we cannot just be together. We had a nice evening though with lots of laughter and good food.

Puha, sorry.. I write about Saturday soon. I will take a little break first.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Blogger has been down all day and now my three latest posts are missing! They're not even in my "unpublished" list. Blogger! What have you been doing?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Derby Loooove!

I'm just sayin..

I did my first real scrimmage today! Man! That was awesome! And saturday it's my first bout! More about that tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And the deal is on!

I haven't been working out properly for almost two weeks now and according to me, that is much. I really need my exercise to feel good and happy so it means a whole lot to me. And the funny thing is that when I fall out for one or another reason (this time my back) I have such a hard time getting back again.
This time it's even harder because I haven't paid for any longer than May for my muay thai lessons so I can't go back to that. I will change muay thai gym for a reason that I will tell you about later.Anyway. I have my Roller Derby and the gym at work but to really get going again I've decided to attend two running events in June. And after each run fulfilled I will reward myself.
  • The first run is 5km at June the 8th. I must run faster than 30 min. And I will reward myself with these shoes!
  • The second run is 10km at June the 19th. I should do it in less than an hour. If I do, I will reward myself with these shoes!
I think this will get me motivated and when I fulfilled those goals I will focus on running a little bit faster. I've been thinking about heart monitored running as well but it seems to be a little bit overkill? Or what are you saying?

Monday, May 9, 2011


I just love these shoes! It's the sneakers I told you about in the last post. The color is so cute and they will be perfect to wear this summer.
I've worn my Nike free forever and 'cause I almost never wear socks they smell terrible now. I need a pair of nice sneakers that I can wear for powerwalking but which is stylish enough to wear for a shopping spree or a coffee in the city.
No, I don't like to wear running shoes when I'm not in work out clothes, even though they are comfy as...
Nike Air Max Light Trainers from Asos

As usual

I'm almost always dressed I black. I don't know why but I just like it. I do like colors too and I'm actually thinking of buying a pair of turquoise sneakers, but there is something about black.. It just always look good. And it goes with everything. Don't do very good in pictures though!

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Sunday, May 8, 2011


I just say wow! I was totally blown out when I left.. This is a little clip, when it's dark it's Conny trying to film me dancing.. Hehe.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Skrillex & STHLM

I'm in Stockholm right now, just for the weekend! Going to a concert tonight with Conny. Skrillex is playing at Nalen and it's going to be awesome!

Friday, May 6, 2011


I think Acne really has done something with their latest shoe collections. They're just so nice! I wan't very many of them! These are my favourites..
All pics are from Acne
Most of all I want Hydro Lea in the bottom right corner.


I must say that I like it. And the video is really really cool! I don't know how she does it!
I really hope that Skrillex will make a remix of it!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Yeah, alright.. When I woke up this morning I felt like crap. I slept so bad, freezing and sweating in the same time and when my alarm set of I felt like I hadn't slept at all.
I went to my wardrobe and took the first clothes I found and put on. I know it wasn't my best outfit, but you know how it is sometimes.
Grumpy and with loads of PMS I went to work and felt quite awkward. And it got even worse when Mike called me cougar. COUGAR!!! WTF!!!

Yeah, I know.. But sometimes you just don't, ok?

I got really mad until he apologized and told me it was just because of my leggings. Mhm! Do I have to say that they are going straight to the trash can now??

Bout Ready!!

Yeah! I did it!! All the exams are passed and I'm allowed to participate in scrimmage and bouts! Finally I'm bout ready! Watch out girls!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easy peasy

I've been really lousy with my healthy eating lately. I've been eating very much bread, candy and sweet stuff.
Don't get me wrong, I think you should eat things like that too, but not only that and especially not instead of food. But you fall for it some times and it's just to pick the good habits up again.
This week I've been trying a little bit extra because I hurt my back last week so I'm just allowed to go for power walks, mini jogs (max 3km) and some cycling this week. And when I can't work out as I normally do I have to eat in a good way to don't lose it all.
So when I came home today I made this warm quinoa salad. It's basically just boiled quinoa, steamed broccoli, chick-peas, red pepper, cucumber, avocado and green salad. And it tastes just fab! And when you put today's work out together I've been walking for 30 min and biked 20 km in an hour, that's not so bad actually.


The field trip is now over. Tomorrow I'm gonna be back at my office again. It has been interesting and funny but you'll just get so tired.
This morning I could sleep a little extra so I even had the time to do an outfit pic.

Hehe, yeah at the same time that I brushed my teeth.

Now I'm gonna take my bike to Limhamn and take the written derby test once again! If I fail this time I will stop with derby. Or maybe not, but I don't know what I do if so. Let's just hope not!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scared of the dark

I'm on a "field trip" at another office at my work today and tomorrow. This means nice outfits and attempt to speak danish for two days! Oh lord!
The outfits isn't a problem but the danish.. Let's say that I at least can make myself understood.
But I was scared yesterday when I wrote this, butterflies in my stomach!
So I try to get over it by listening to some good music like this! I love it!

Monday, May 2, 2011

All about you!

Thanks for the comments on the last post! I really think that I should be better to take pics too and I will try. I do also think that blogs with pics are more fun to read.
I had a really bad day today with pms from hell and the lack of sleep from the weekend is not funny! But now I've been out for a walk with Malin for almost two hours and after meeting her thing always seems a little bit better! And I did take a pic (very bad pic as always) of my new sweater when I came home. It is a cheap find from H&M (on sale) but I like it a lot!
Psst, if you like dubstep you can listen to All Out Dubstep live from Malmoe today. Here! Now!