Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And the deal is on!

I haven't been working out properly for almost two weeks now and according to me, that is much. I really need my exercise to feel good and happy so it means a whole lot to me. And the funny thing is that when I fall out for one or another reason (this time my back) I have such a hard time getting back again.
This time it's even harder because I haven't paid for any longer than May for my muay thai lessons so I can't go back to that. I will change muay thai gym for a reason that I will tell you about later.Anyway. I have my Roller Derby and the gym at work but to really get going again I've decided to attend two running events in June. And after each run fulfilled I will reward myself.
  • The first run is 5km at June the 8th. I must run faster than 30 min. And I will reward myself with these shoes!
  • The second run is 10km at June the 19th. I should do it in less than an hour. If I do, I will reward myself with these shoes!
I think this will get me motivated and when I fulfilled those goals I will focus on running a little bit faster. I've been thinking about heart monitored running as well but it seems to be a little bit overkill? Or what are you saying?


Anonymous said...

spring, spring!!;)

Sandy De Luxe said...


schmut said...

Coolt med lopp som morot! Jag tänkte göra samma sak men hade inte ens tänkt på att det fanns lopp på andra sidan Öresund.

Sandy De Luxe said...

Ja jag behöver någonting. Det finns massor av lopp i Köpenhamn, jag har till och med tagit steget nu och anmält mig till Powerade halvmara den 21 augusti!