Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Foreign Beggars

In the middle of all packing there need to be a little time to celebrate! Lena got a dream job today so we just need to drink some wine and celebrate that!Actually we had plans about going out anyway 'cause Foreign Beggars plays at Inkonst. We are not as wild about it as we should be, it's always like that on Wednesdays but we'll start with some wine at Tempo and then we'll see!

Update: Ok, so there was no Foreign Beggars for us. We were just too tired to move. Haha, no dancing could be done so we just sat and drank some wine. Feels kind of poor that we didn't make it but...
It was a good night though and I really feel that it probably was a good decision according to everything I have to do this week. It already Thursday tomorrow and that just feel absurd!

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