Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bouts, boots and beer!

Yeah, that's probably how you can conclude my weekend in Helsinki.

The bout was awesome but irritating. We kept going on the bench so after being in the lead almost the whole game we lost with just 10 small points. And I'm a bad loser for sure.

Anyway, when I got myself together we went to the afterparty at On the Rocks where all derby girls went and they played good metal music. We danced a lot and because of the superhero theme of the bout and afterparty I wore my Wonderwoman costume! I hope I will find a picture of it!

Before the bout we were just out strolling but me and Agent Anger had a little mission! We both wanted to go to the Minna Parikka shop and look at all the beautiful stuff there. Look was the word, right?
We both ended up with one pair of shoes each. I bought this lovely booths and Anger bought a pair of red pumps! We're totally bad and we like it!

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Anonymous said...

Supersnygga, hoppas dom är ok att gå i!;)