Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I've been veeery skeptical to the trend I've read about all around. Red leather trousers.. You'll read about it too, right? Hmmm.

I haven't found very stylish pic of it, or ways I would like to wear it on until I found these pants with just a white tanktop at Zara. I think the model of the trousers is perfect and I wish that I had skinnier legs so I could wear them. Damn, they look nice!


Anonymous said...

Kanske lite "läbbigt" med byxor som man inte kan tvätta ?!;)

Sandy De Luxe said...

Njae, det finns ju kem.. Och hur ofta tvättar du jeans?

Emelie said...

I like too, so grreat pants!


Anonymous said...

Äh, vänd dom ut och in och vädra lite så går det nog bra :) De är sjukt snygga. Ett andra skinn! (grrrrdiiissch... trumvirvell....)
Kram Karin