Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brass Monkey

Friday night started with some indoor soccer playing with a few work mates. Afterward we drank some beer at that place and my plan was to go home but I didn't.
Aaand then we went on to the tiki bar Brass Monkey. I think you can tell by the pictures of the drinks how that went.
I can say that the green scull includes 5 different sorts of rum..Cheers!
When I finally went to the central station I couldn't find my wallet.. I panicked a little, we went back to the pub but it wasn't there either. We went back to the station again, bought some burgers at McDonalds and waited for the next train, due to everything else I missed the one leaving 03.13.
When I cooled down a little I went through my bag again and the wallet had sneaked down to the bottom of the bag and placed itself inside my training shoe. WTF!!!
Anyway, it felt really good that I found it and I could take the 04.13 train home.

I'm slightly tired today but I did manage to go to derby practice and it went really good! Yey!
I'm going tomorrow as well and I think it will go even better..

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Ser coolt ut!;)