Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Golden child!

I want a big golden bracelet. It's actually kind of hard to find. I sometimes manage to find some nice models but when I do they're always just coming in silver. Blah! I don't like silver.
Is there anyone who can suggest a page for jewelry? Accessories?

I'm not really in to that but I can feel the uuuuurge for a bracelet. Haha.

Like this one from Buddah to Buddah, why just in silver?


Anonymous said...

Supersnygg, det liknar ju mitt!;) ;)
Puss puss

Sandy De Luxe said...

Ja, jag skulle ju vilja ha ditt fast i guld! Puss

Anonymous said...

Men hörrö, hur var det med att inhandla nya grejer nu när du fått böter för att du tryckt ner gasen lite mycket? Tänker på dig!