Sunday, February 27, 2011

Derby Day!

Yeah, so..
Ok, every sunday I will give you a post about roller derby, like it or not. I have stuff to tell today but nothing to show so it will have to do with a hipstamatic outfit post.Anyway.
Three ours of derby today is done and I was referee two of them. It's actually kind of fun to ref but I want to pass the test the 20th for sure. It's just three more weeks now and than I can play!

And it's just two week to our first bout. Next week we're going to have a rehearsal scrimmage with Copenhagen Roller Derby and I'm going to be pack ref! Yey! That will be really fun!

Hopefully I can soon show you something more than just outfit posts, today we had visitors. First from Sydsvenskan web-television that filmed a lot. It will be a little piece about roller derby and Crime City Rollers soon. Check it out!
We also had a photographer that took a lot of pictures of us when we worked out, played and also portraits. He is going to do an exhibition about derby and I really looking forward to see those pics.
Yeah, I did get my portrait taken!
Now I'm off to a movie with Soho.. Hope you'll get a nice sunday!


Anonymous said...

Din nya trosor som jag köpt ska du väl inte använda till detta eller?!;)
Det ska bli kul att se filmen. Du kan väl meddela när den ligger ute?!

Sandy said...

Haha nej det ska jag inte, det är lite för lite tyg i dem för att det ska vara acceptabelt.. ;)
Ja jag ska lägga ut länken.