Sunday, March 27, 2011


It's actually kind of hard to bring this happy facade all the time.
I had a shitty day in many ways yesterday and I just need to get it out of my system. It didn't happen any particular and it did even happen a few good things but my body just didn't get it and you can easily say that my mood was at my feet.

Maybe it was because the ad for selling our house now is on the web?
Maybe it was because I missed the bus and train to Copenhagen?
Maybe it was because that the party I was going to was canceled because there was too many people who got indisposed?
Maybe it was because I didn't pass the written part of the minimum skills test?
Or maybe it just was because I'm so unstable right now that I can cry just because someone is saying something kind?


I felt really sad all day, starting from the moment I woke up and all those things didn't make me happier.

But this thing should have done it.
I do have both an apartment and a room in Copenhagen on it's way and if I don't get the apartment I will move in with this super friendly girl from Copenhagen Roller Derby that I went to Copenhagen to meet yesterday. It feels great but in the same time really hard because now it's getting so real that we actually are leaving each other..


LadyAngore said...

stor kram! man måste tillåta sig själv va ledsen ibland!
heja dig!!

Lilly Lee said...

Kramar i mängder!

Anonymous said...

Efter tårar kommer glädje!! Puss puss

Sandy De Luxe said...