Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

This has been a year where it happened a lot in my life.
I sold my apartment, bought a house and got engaged! I also fought my first kickboxing fight in 5 years, started with Roller Derby and broke my arm.
I feel very happy and know that my life is getting on in the right direction. I have some small issues to handle during 2011 but I really think that it will be a great year.
Of course it's a great year, it's the year for my wedding!

I would like to thank my friends and family for making my life so great and the biggest thanks to Max who is there for me always and ever!
And thanks to all of you reading my blog and with your comments makes me smile and laugh sometimes.

Now I'm heading out to the kitchen to prepare the dinner, the dessert and the drinks.
I hope you all will have a lovely evening and a splendid 2011!
I hope it will be just as fun as this one. This is Linda (Miss Honkytonk) and me at a concert in March.
Just because it's such a happy picture it symbolizes 2010 for me.


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Anonymous said...

Gott nytt år lilla pluttan! Det kommer att bli ett fantastiskt år me d bröllop och säkert en hel del annat!!
Puss puss Vi älskar dig!!!!!!!