Monday, December 6, 2010

Daily outfit

I bougth this faboulus pair of pants yesterday. Oh no! I'm going to the dark side. Haha.
Anyway, I really needed them now when we are working in the house everyday.
We were at Bauhaus, shopping a lot and also found this tap for a price that just was a tenth of the other. And I think it's really cute. Strike a pose

The tap, brilliant

Now I'm on my way to Aarhus for the second Christmas celebration already. A whole lot of food. Oh my! I generally don't eat very much of Christmas food, swedish or danish, because it's just loads of meet and I don't eat that. But at the place we're going to today they use to make special fish to me and it's always splendid!

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Martina said...

ja, vi har nog mer gemensamt än vi vetat om. Jag spenderar också en ansenlig tid i snickarbyxor, fläckiga med färg då vi också renoverar vårt hus!
Jag tar hemskt gärna emot tips på saker att se/uppleva/köpa/äta i Las Vegas.
Ha en finfin kväll
(tja eller Iris som mitt alterego heter)