Saturday, December 4, 2010


I was at the annual christmas party at work yesterday. We had a lot of fun but missed the train we were supposed to take home so I weren't home until 4 o' clock. Believe me if I say that I was tired this morning. On top of that my arm ached like crazy and all I wanted to do was to start renovate our kitchen!
Anyway, Max went to the house and started in the kitchen and then he came and picked me up a few hours later. When we I arrived I was still grumpy but we drank some coffee and enjoyed the atmosphere. Then we started to take down the tiles on the kitchen wall. I actually could help!
Yey! With just my left hand and a screwdriver I did the whole corner by myself. I must be she hulk or something!
So now the kitchen looks almost as it does in this pictures but we did do a little bit more so it's almost just bricks now. A good day, where we did a little bit more than we thought that we could.
My corner!
Max looking happy, smashing down the concrete.
Now we're drinking a little champagne to celebrate our house buying and then we're of to Hepcat's X-mas Bash in Lund.

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