Saturday, October 30, 2010

This is Halloween

This halloween won't be so much partying for me. I'm too tired after this stressful autumn and after the surprise party for Max last saturday. Last year we had the superhero party and it sure was fun, but I don't have the energy now. I'm going to be at home, maybe eat some sushi and watch a movie. But to get in the mood and for you who's going to a party, here's a really good halloween song!


Anna said...

Hur lägger man upp så bilden från youtube syns och inte bara länken på sin blogg???

Sandy De Luxe said...

Du väljer "embed" och så får du välja på blogger att skriva i HTML och där klistar du in koden som du har kopierat från "embed" fältet på Youtube.

Anna said...

Love marilyn..Love Halloween..! =)