Friday, October 15, 2010

My stuff!!!

Yey! My derby stuff is finally arrived in my home so I'm now a proud owner of a pair of white adorable skates and other lovely stuff. I also bought a new helmet and elbowpads yesterday. My old helmet was all too big and my elbowpads was cheap bastards that don't fit.
So long everything's great and we're holding a workshop with Berlin Bombshells this weekend. So much fun and I've been loning for this day for months. But! I'm having a real bad cold!! I caught me yesterday and I'm in no shape of working out today. I've been over to meet the girls and participated in the theory lesson and hopefully I will be able to skate tomorrow.
Now I'm going to cure myself with home made pizza, tea and by feeling sorry for myself in the sofa. I hope you're feeling sorry for me too!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, we do!;)
Puss puss Good luck tomorrow