Wednesday, April 29, 2009

En sjöman älskar havets våg!

Gårdagens outfit. Konstig kornig bild där jag ser sur ut. Så var det dock inte! Jag hade min billigast skor någonsin! 10 kr!
Scarves Sisters, Cardigan Gant, Tanktop H&M, Jeans April 77, Shoes Maxi

Yesterdays outfit. Strange, fuzzy pic where I look really pissed. It wasn't like that!
I wore my cheapest shoes! 10 sek!


princessinferno said...

I wanna see a bigger picture!

Ps. i bought some really cute anchor socks in Japan that would go great with that outfit!

Sandy De Luxe said...

Oh nice! How cute.. Anchors is so nice. I'll see if I get a bigger picture for you.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dock fick du skoskav!! AJ AJ AJ