Monday, December 5, 2011


This weekend has been awesome! Three days in a row of funny happenings and lovely people.

Friday started a little bit soft with some beers at the local pub with a few friends. Not a late night at all but a nice start of the weekend.
At saturday I held a Christmas party with glögg, gingerbreads and loads of other cakes. We watched the world cup in Rollerderby and played music. After Sweden won over New Zeeland we went out and I didn't came home until 4 o'clock.
Sunday was just sleeping in and when I stood up I went directly to meet my dad at the station. He was coming to Copenhagen to see Motörhead with us. We went to Halifax for burgers and then to Vega. And OMG, they played, and they played loud. It was an awesome concert even though you can see that Lemmy has begun to be a little bit old. But it sure was a great time!

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Anonymous said...

Roligt med härliga helger!;)Och inte varje dag pappa är där och framförallt inte utan mig!;)