Monday, April 18, 2011

Days passing by..

The days are passing in an incredible speed. I don't know where they're going but it feels like it was february yesterday and it's already the end of april.
A lot of things has happended since february and sometimes everything just feels awful.
Yesterday, not all day but when I went to bed I felt so sad and lonely. I felt anguish about everything and my heart was beating in a speed that didn't feel alright at all. I fell asleep at last and even though I only slept for four hours it feels much better today!

Otherwise this weekend has been awesome! Friday night I started with some thaiboxing, then headed over to Malin for some food and wine. Later on we went to Julia to meet the girls for some more wine. At one we went to Malin again where I slept for the night.
Saturday was an really nice day as well. I started it with running with the thaiboxing club and then some thaiboxing. We were competing, running round the park, I came on the last spot but I did 2,8km in 13,20 min. It was quite good if you think about all the wine I drank the day before.

After 2 hours workout I went home to prepare for going to Copenhagen with my friend Martin. We were going to see Total Smackdown but first just chill and drink some beers. We did but it was cold and rainy so we couldn't sit in the sun as planned. But it was cool anyway, we had a really great time.

Yesterday I woke up late, totally rested. I headed in to town to meet Caroline, who was down in Malmoe visiting from Stockholm, and Lena and Andreas. We drank coffee in the sun for about three hours and I can actually see a tan! It was so hot you could sit in just a tanktop.

Sorry for the long post but it was a great weekend and I'm totally happy about it because it's the first good weekend in months!

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