Sunday, April 10, 2011


My parents has been here this weekend. They were heading to Malmö because of my little cousin Tilde's name giving ceremony.
They came with my brother and his girlfriend yesterday and we were out shopping until three when we went to my uncle's place. (I bought a jacket and a pair of shoes that I will show tomorrow.)
The ceremony was nice and Tilde was so cute and kind all night. My brother left by train in the evening but my parents stayed to follow me to Copenhagen today where I was looking at an apartment.
We went to Copenhagen a bit early so we could take a cup of coffee by the lakes and sit in the sun for a while. It was just so warm and cozy.
Mum and Dad

The apartment is at Fredriksberg and I really hope I get it. It's a 2 rooms rental and we are many about it but please, PLEASE choose me!


Anonymous said...

Tack för idag lilla pluttan och vi håller tummarna för att du ska få hyra den!!
Puss puss

Anonymous said...

Sicka snyggingar :) Klart de väljer dig!! I Fredriksberg bor min bästa kompis, verkligen jättemysigt område! Håller tummarna. Kram

lotta said...

jag håller tummarna för dig Sandy!

Sandy De Luxe said...

Tack Lotta & Lisa! Men som ni nu vet fick jag ju den inte!