Sunday, November 14, 2010

One of the rings..

We've been in Karlskrona this weekend to meet some friends and celebrate my grandmothers birthday. We also got to celebrate fathers day a little - Congrats again Dad! - and look at rings at a jewelry store that we got recommended. We bought our engagement rings yesterday and we are in discussions of the wedding ring now.
This is my engagement ring. It's very tiny and almost all round. I just love it! I think it fits my hand and with the planned wedding ring it will be really fab. The wedding ring will be quite simple with a rather big stone.

Max's engagement ring is much heavier, 7 mm broad and 2,1 mm high, but it's also rounded. We're super satisfied and now the engagement feels for real. We just have to get used to wear them..

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Anonymous said...

Nice och han har lagt undan den fina stenen och han tror att han kan gravera texten ni vill ha!;)