Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm a woman hear me roar!

I got an awful sterile bandage around my arm. Not enough with the boring white plaster, they put white gauze bandage around it and on top of that skin colored tape. Oh my, I can't live with that!
I've pimped it now, with a pair of leopard stockings. Hehe, sometimes a girl just have to have a little bit fun!

Now it's time for moving in party at Ulrika and Rasmus'. I hope I can cope with both plaster, painkillers, a lot of snow and some wine. I probably do!! Have a nice evening!


Anonymous said...

Riktigt snyggt! Man ser att dina små fingrar är svullna!;(
Puss puss

Anna said...

Ajdå, trist! krya på dig! Men du har ju fixat ett Fierce plaster, anyway! :)