Sunday, September 12, 2010

Skinny Bitch

Ever heard of the Skinny Bitch diet? I just hate the name but it's actually quite good. It's all vegan and based on that you should just eat stuff that is really good for your body. I tried it half heartedly a year ago and my stomach has never been better. My stomach is now raging against me and I really have to do something.
So hello healthy vegan lifestyle. And I actually start now, no monday promise.. My first attempt is this: Wholegrain hamburger breads baked with spelt. All vegan.
And of course I eat it with a vegan burger. You can read more about the diet here.

1 comment:

LadyAngore said...

låter som en bra diet faktiskt! Mer en livsstil än diet också kanske.
Lycka till iaf :)