Wednesday, September 8, 2010


What a good practise I had today! I'm so tired right now I hardly have the energy to eat. Aarhus Derby Dolls is a pack of really nice girls! So friendly and cute that I want to go to Aarhus every week. I really enjoyed the practise. I even did that minimum skills thingie where you're supposed to do 25 laps in 5 minuites. I did 29!! Yey!!
I got to borrow knee and elbow pads from Mette so I did my first falls as well. It couldn't have been better! I can't wait until I get my own stuff!!

Now I'm just hanging out in my hotel room, drinking chai latte and watch tv.

Psst.. This was my 998 post. I think I will have a little give away at 1000 posts.. Keep your eyes open!


Tjuettan said...

Bra jobbat! Jag ska testa mina nya hjul på träningen i morgon, det ska bli spännande.

Sandy De Luxe said...

Kul! Vad har du köpt för några? Hjul är ju en ren djungel!!

Tjuettan said...

Heartless, två olika dom ligger på bloggen....Kolla in dom.