Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy happy!

I'm just so happy right now! Seems like everything's just going my way right now. I'm so happy for my new job, my trip to London tonight, all my new friends in Copenhagen, my rollerderby team and everything!
And on top of all that it's superior weather outside! It feels almost wrong to feel so happy right now.
I mean it's heading towards winter and due to other things that was planned but will not happen I thought that I would feel really miserable.

Thank you Lena, booking this trip with me this weekend! Thank you Michelle for cheering me up and sharing apartment with me! Thank you my sweet family for all the support! Thank you Marcus for that we still can be friends! And thanks to all of my other sweet friends and loved ones for being in my life!


Anonymous said...

Puss lilla pluttan! Det vet du att vi alltid finns för dig!;)

Missy Kick-A-Lot said...

Thanks for living with me!!