Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It's been raining quite a lot lately. And the sun been shining quite a lot lately. Hmm...
What's up summer?? Can't you decide?

It's mostly warm so you get all clammy and sweaty and I really should be grateful for the temperature but I hate that sticky feeling! And if I'm not sticky I'm totally wet like this morning.
It startet to pur down when I was 20m from home and when I'd biked all the way to the train station I looked like a drowned cat that took part in a wet t-shirt contest. Blah!

And the rest of the week is supposed to look like this! I hope that they're wrong!

Please just let the sun shine with 25 degrees and keep it like that!


Anonymous said...

Solen väntar på dig!!;)

Gina Americana said...

Amen Sistah!